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MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami : Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest (2 Feb 10)

Baby Umar Saidi at age 3 months
currently he's now 11 months
Baby Umar now at the stage to get the stepping licence hehehe.... Really loves all advertisment on TV exspecially with the sounds of baby and kids, will quickly turn over his head to the sounds. He already got 6 tooths and eat so much. Don't be as big as mommy sayang...hehehe

It's time for another exciting contest :) again by MOBS

Yep.. this time with the theme"Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest" This time it's brought to you by MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami

Just follow all the simple rules here "Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest"
or just click on the banner below

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